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Just a thought...

I know it's probably heretical to ask, but has anyone ever made a Star Wars variant (ForceBand maybe)? Along the lines of Knights of the Old Republic or some other Star Wars RPG? There's enough material in the extended universe to flesh out a Silmarillion-like legendarium, so there'd be plenty of uniques and artifacts. The classes are pretty much hot-swappable, Jedi for priests/mages, smugglers for rogues etc. As for a suitable setting I was thinking something along the lines of battling through levels of the Death Star in order to face the Emperor in the final battle.

Is this a viable idea or am I just talking out my arse?
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Certainly not heretical - Steamband, Gumband, Zangband have all done this to a greater or lesser degree. Also, Furyband has Jedi and lightsabers
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Personally i really like the idea. Star Wars has tons of races and also offers some ideas for classes (bountyhunter, smuggler, jedi, stormtrooper).
Sadly i don't know how to contribute to such a variant. Just to mention this: I have no idea about C and i will never start my own variant (i know this has been said before by a great Variant maintainer ). Also i started thinking about doing a zombie variant - which will never work out.
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