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Advice for the end game

One way or the other, the end is nearing. I could use some help for selecting gear for the end game. I've been stashing *healing* potions and mass banishment scrolls. How many should I take with me for the final battle?
Any valid tactics for the end game?

Still trying to find decent armour, havent had too much luck with randoms
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You're a priest, you shouldn't need too many healing potions as long as you have plenty of Restore Mana potions. The 6 you have is maybe a bit marginal; I'd get more if you can.

You have plenty of Potions of Speed, that's good. And 8 Scrolls of Mass Banishment is good too. What I don't see is any way to invoke the Destruction effect. The spell "Word of Destruction" and Scrolls of *Destruction* are vital for getting rid of unique summons. You don't have the prayer book Wrath of God, which has that spell (and also Banish Evil, the only mass-teleport-other spell in the game). Try to get your hands on it.

Failing that, another 8 Scrolls of *Destruction* to go with your Scrolls of Mass Banishment should give you plenty of safety for the final fight. Just remember to teleport Morgoth away before you use Destruction, or you'll have to start the fight over again.

Basic tactics for Morgoth are to fight him in a Destructed zone, to break up LOS. Use Phase Door to get away from his summons; since he's faster than anything else and can bore through rock, he'll find you before they do. For damaging Morgoth, you have three options: melee, bows (since you have a rather nice one and some Holy Might arrows), and Orb of Draining. Orb is very reliable damage; Morgoth can be hard to hit as a priest. So that might be worthwhile. If you do plan on keeping your range from him, consider bringing some Wands of Annihilation to the fight. They deal a lot of damage and can be recharged while you're waiting for Morgoth to return after teleporting him away.

If you want to fight in melee, consider spamming Glyph of Warding. It's extremely expensive to cast, and Morgoth can break it pretty easily, but while it remains unbroken, he can't hit you. Again, you can lay down a line of Glyphs while waiting for Morgoth to return after teleporting him away. I'd say you don't have enough Restore Mana to get away with glyphspam, currently.

Good luck!
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