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Tanguband - "speedy" Japanese Hengband variant
Appears to be keeping up with Hengband alpha releases.
Older repository.

Hengband variant by Shimitei; occasionally spelled "Tangband." The author has a site and twitter where they track Japanese roguelikes:

The Tanguband readme--on the older repository--describes it as follows (via Google Translate ):

The concept is "crispy," "speedy," and "fun."

The fun of Hengband has been changed so that you can win *** in a short time.

The main changes are
Shortened the iron prison to the 25th floor (named to the short prison. Also shortened other dungeons. Also changed the level of monsters and the number of floors that appeared)
Reposition on the entire map of the Iron Prison (just west of the first village)
The floor map of Tetsugoku is smaller than Hengband (changed to the same size as Eak's Cave to improve exploration efficiency)
Random quests are on even floors from the 2nd floor to the 20th floor
Experience points when defeating monsters are 10 times higher than strange idiots
The appearance rate of luxury items is high. (The unique drop is almost a luxury item)
A new and powerful ego item that has been modified to make the midfield easier

In addition, the dissatisfaction point of the strange foolishness that the author feels has been resolved.

Lanterns are not sold at the beginning
Cumbersome to find a warg
Not enough money to buy items needed for early exploration
The movement of the city is omitted below
Going to the iron prison ...
I can't go deep because I don't have the resistance
Not enough speed ...
It is troublesome to collect supplies after defeating Oberon

It ’s quite convenient, but
We prioritize the concepts of crispness, speed, and fun.

If you are a weird winner, you can win in about 5 hours, and if you are an advanced player, you can win within 2 hours.
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