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YAWP: Second winner ever! Emennar the Dwarf Paladin

Firstly thanks so much to the devs, 3.5.0 is the most fun version of Angband I've played (and I started with Moria......). I actually registered for the forum mainly just to say thanks! Things seemed really nicely balanced - I found I was getting useful drops of equipment at the right time, not mega powerful items but just good enough to use for a few levels.

I had a mage winner back in the 3.0.x days, and a save scummed winner even earlier, but I think I enjoyed this one more. No selling made the game much more fun, I used to lug tons of gear around the dungeon and recall back to town continuously to make money - now every time I got bored I took a down staircase.

Randarts were a bit odd, I had a huge amount of +stat options and almost no speed or amazing weapons. For the final fight I ended up using two rings of speed and a scythe of slicing, but had a lazy +11 to dex without really trying.

I made a number of probably big mistakes in the final fight - got down to my last potion of everything, didn't have sustained wisdom, completely forgot I could use Banish Evil to clear out the summons. Clearly I don't react well under pressure. Still, the big fella got taken down which is all that matters.

I'm off to have a celebratory beer. Thanks all for the hours of entertainment.

Dump below:

What should I try next?????
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Congratulations!! Glad your having fun with the new version. As for what to try next, have you though about giving Ironman a go?

It's really fun and rewarding, with some of the changes in this version it looks like it will be a bit less stressful too. "Radically improve Slow Digestion (you nearly never need to eat with it)." Less chance of monsters spawning on cleared levels.

I'd recommend using a Kobold, Warrior or Rogue. Rogues are a bit tougher to get going but lots of fun and you get to use devices. Warriors are just facesmashing fun. Kobolds are great because with innate poison resistance it's easy to cover base, good stealth and stats.
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Kobold rogue is definitely one of my favorite classes. Rogues play very differently in recent versions because they have good item detection and all the other classes don't. You can actually play a rogue as a stealthy item gatherer and it works pretty well because spawns have been reduced, and spawn monsters don't always start awake in 3.5. Kobolds are surprisingly (perhaps unfairly) tanky too.
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Simply congrats!

I frequently get 'just-have-to-tell-someone' moments with Angband.
Half-Troll warrior is my fun romp option.
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Originally Posted by tonedeaf View Post
Clearly I don't react well under pressure.
That's a thing I often forget myself: Angband is turn-based. Take your time -- assuming you're L15+ and have prepared adequately there's always a way out. If that means scampering with your tail between your legs then so be it!

As for recommendations: After playing mostly tank(ish) characters I found Mage to be quite interesting -- it's the archetypal "glass cannon" character. EDIT: I should lrn2read. You already had a Mage winner in v3.0 -- I think the game has changed enough for a Mage in v3.5.x to be interesting.

EDIT#2: If you can't make up your mind just go for ALL of the classes round-robin.
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