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Stat gain potions

Is there a significant fall-off in the appearance of stat-gain potions after a certain depth?

A nexus vortex switch str with Int. Is it worth it to go back up twenty (or 50) levels or so. I haven't found a single potion while bumming around dlevels 99 and 98...and this is after quite a while.

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I don't know how the numbers crunch on the code side, but my totally biased observation is that there is a pretty steep drop-off until I get down close to DL99, at which time I find myself rolling in potions. *edit* However, I almost never find potions on the ground. I find orc and troll pits are good, as are AMHDs, Archliches, and Dreadlords */edit*

I do, however, get the distinct impression that the RNG usually generates potions for stats that I have already maxed out...but maybe I'm just paranoid...
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I have had the same experience. At maximum depth, I never find stat potions on the ground, but killing any undead or humanoid or dragon I find usually drops a fair number of them.

I do, however, find !Augmentation on the ground, which does the trick.
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