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2nd Winner - Dwarf Priest

Someone argued for Priest being the esiest character type to play. By then I only played Fighter and was a bit sceptic. Now, after completing the game with a Dwarf Priest and having some experience from a mage, I agree. Although the start was much much easier with a half troll fighter, the end game was significantly easier with the Priest.

I did not intend to take on Morgoth quite yet when he came into the vault I was looting, but I was close to a perfect spot where only one monster could attack me at any time so I had a go.

I mainly used the Xbow. Also I used OoD any time he stepped aside and out of range. Instead of chugging !*heal* or !Life I only used Holy Word whenever I got damaged (which was supriprisingly seldom).
Stupid? No, just deliberately risky. Standing in this protected spot with always a glyph of warding under my feet felt like cheating so I had to give him a sporting chance. Morgoth double mana storming and me failing a Holy word in between would have meant death for my Priest. Didn't happen though.

I spent only this in the entire fight:

99 Seeker bolts (mix of Holy Might, Slay Evil and Slay Dragon)
1 Potion of Restore Mana
1 Staff of the Magi
1 Rod of speed used

I'd argue for the following changes: (I realize they are probably already suggested but I have not followed the thread for making the game harder lately)

1) Morgoth's hammer should have some effect even in a vault. Walls could e.g. buckle and wave for a while and then finally reset as before, but not until having scrambled everybody within the area d8 moves from where they were before.

2) Morgoth should hardly care about the glyph of warding. Much overpowered in this fight. I only quaffed one potion of mana restore in total, and that was only because I had not yet realized that with glyph working so well I might just as well charge the staff of magi instead of quaffing !'s

Great game! Thanks all for supporting, maintaining and developing the game!
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Therem Harth
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You know, I never realized that just standing on a Glyph actually did anything. Thanks.
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