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Ironband dev question


Ironband development question,

Ironband has a notes system (from NPP). I am thinking of adding a
feature (OPTIONAL, but default on) which asks you a question every
time your CL reaches 6, 11, 16... 36 (the maximum). The question and
answer would go into notes and so become part of your chardump.

Questions would be randomly selected from a list like
- What has been your toughest fight so far?
- What monster do you hate the most?
- What has been your most lucky find?
- What music are you listening to?
- What is your character's favorite color?
- Why?

So my question to you is: Is this Cool or Lame?

And if Cool, what other questions could be on the list?

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I think it's cool.

another question could be

What item are you hoping to find in the next room?
(answering Ringil would be kindof lame unless maybe if it's late in the game. you're supposed to give an answer that's little more realistic for your level.)

and maybe a question to the effect of "Rate how good you think you're game is going at the moment" (maybe add something like "in two words or less") "Why?" one of the random questions?
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