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Any variant out there with powerful necromancy?

Any suggestion?
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Oangband and FAangband have a necromancer class, and Sangband has necromancy skills.
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PosChengband has a Necromancer class too.
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PWMAngband has powerful necromancers. Cold-based magic, undead minions, death spells, melee buffs/debuffs... even the ability to overcome death at high level!
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Originally Posted by AnonymousHero View Post

This. They realized that the resource is clicks/time and thus due to stupid minion ai the minions need to be "imba" to compare to a player-controlled toon with abilities/spells in power. Few other games did.

Typically, the summons end up being squishy because them taking the damage for the toon is "easy", resulting in a gimped class/mechanics that takes twice the time to complete the game compared to a basic class.

Tome 2 summoning of summoners I enjoyed. Tome 4 summoners (both living and undead) is a boring nightmare.

To answer the op question to some extent: tome2 symbiosis results in powerfull summons, if thats what youre looking for, even though the undead ones arent optimal. If not...define "necromancy".
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Therem Harth
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Let's see, aside from the Symbiant-with-a-rotting-Q route, ToME 2 has
- Summoners (summon shades of the monsters they've killed)
- Possessors (possess the bodies of dead monsters)
- Monks can learn Possessor skills too
- There are also more traditional "dark and foul" Necromancers, plus Mages and Sorcerers can learn Necromancy

T2 is pretty amazing that way, the character generation menu is basically a smorgasboard of Mary Sues.

Edit: hey this reminds me, I haven't played T2 in a while... Darn.

Edit 2: Also, Mindcrafters can learn Necromancy for some reason. And of course you can worship Melkor, and get stuff like cursing monsters on every hit, and making corpses explode... This is more boring than it sounds though.

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Not an Angband variant as such, but Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup has powerful necromancy spells.
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