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Information display inconsistencies

Perhaps these little issues have already been noticed, but I haven't seen them mentioned before. I've spotted a couple of ways that the game leaks information that apparently was meant to remain hidden.

1. {magical} hafted weapons: it can be learned whether they are good or bad by finding out whether the temple will offer money for them. They won't buy items with negative modifiers, even though your feeling about them is value-neutral. You can then take these negative items to the weapon shop and rip off Ithyl-Mak (or whoever is on duty there).

2. I just tried to ID a lead-plated wand by trying it out on a grape jelly. The result was "The Grape jelly is unaffected!" and the wand gained the {tried} inscription. But I was able to tell what wand I had by looking at the Grape jelly's description, which now says "It cannot be confused."

Also, this is just a minor inconsistency, but since the new detection radius is manifested visually as a rectangular area (which I applaud), shouldn't the ESP radius also appear rectangular? I'm not 100% on this -- it's hard to test, unless I can find a densely packed area like an orc pit, but it doesn't appear to be so.

The new version is outstanding, thanks for the excellent work!
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