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Donald Jonker
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How long did it take you to win?

To you *band winners out there: How long did it take you to win?

A sort of corollary to the "how long have you been playing without winning" thread. I feel like I need to light a fire under my posterior to step up my game, and getting a feel for other folks' gestation periods might do the trick.

I'm also curious as to what people consider to be a solid win. I think I could live with myself after beating ToME with a RohanKnight Zombie Swordmaster (which is a current project), perhaps less so a Steamband mecha, a Hengband spectre berserker, or the current vanilla comp, but I'd like to hear dissenting opinions.
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Once I found out that loading dead characters was cheating, it took me 6 months of fairly regular play to win. That's not really fair though, because I had several illegit wins over the course of 5 years of occasional play. So, I guess close to 6 years.

As far as what is a solid win, I think that is up to you. Over the course of several years of playing roguelikes I have had many different playstyles/viewpoints on what it is to be an @. I'd like to think that there is an ultimate level of understanding, a mountaintop, so to speak, that I am striving toward, and there are already players up there looking down at me saying... haha, look at HM down there, maybe one day he'll get it.
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Thanks to the collective fount of wisdom that is the oook, I won in about a year of off-and-on play. Otherwise, I doubt I ever would have managed it.
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Vanilla maintainer
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I think my first winner (HE mage) took a year or so, then my next (Dwarf warrior) about 6 months. Then another couple of years before my only non-V winner, a Steamband Scandinavian adventurer.

The two V race/class combos were definitely on the easy side. I've made up for that since by trying to win O with a Shadow Fairy necromancer
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