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Something else to do, if you aren't already, is to optimize heavily for melee power when allocating stats during character creation. Unless you are a mage or priest, your character should put all or almost all of their points into STR and DEX, into whatever combination gives them the most blows per round. Then use a lightweight weapon like a dagger. More but weaker blows per round is almost always better than a small number of strong blows, because you get your damage bonus applied separately to each blow. For example, with +3 to-damage, the difference between a 1d4 Dagger with two blows and a 2d4 Mace with 1 blow is 2d4+6 vs. 2d4+3.

Ignore CON for now -- the penalty for not investing in it is more time spent in the midgame, which you need anyway to get more experience with the game. And spellcasting stats take a fair amount of time to be really useful for hybrid casters too; if you have enough to cast your basic detection spells then you have enough for the part of the game you're struggling with.

Relatedly, anything that gives you extra damage in melee is generally a good item. Cesti, Rings of Damage or Reckless Attacks, Rings of Strength, etc. are all decent options for a surprisingly large part of the game, and there are characters that will happily wear a Ring of Damage at the end of the game.
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