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A few comments:

Originally Posted by Holy_Rage View Post
10) Speed - Damage - HPs = the holy triumvirate of Angband. It's better to kill fast than enter bouts of endurance. They only need to win once, you can't afford a single defeat.
Speed is primarily to keep the opponent from getting multiple turns against you without you having a chance to respond.

Originally Posted by Holy_Rage View Post
11) Use Detection as much as possible and try going where treasure shows, not clear every single level room.
12) Detection - Telepathy - Clairvoyance = for the discerningly cautious player. Sense Evil and Detection afterwards at regular intervals. There is a certain helm artifact that allows you to Detect without being a spellcaster. For the poorer fellow newbie, Rods of Treasure Detection and Mushrooms of Second Sight.
Detection is primarily to detect monsters and enabling you to stay away from the ones you don't want to fight. Treasure detection is significantly less important.

Originally Posted by Holy_Rage View Post
14) Establishing Line of Sight can be a blessing and a cause of utter doom at the same time. Make sure that the creature facing you is not a caster or has breath/ranged abilities. If so, when in doubt, seek to break LoS at all costs.
Line of sight (LOS) is very important if you are using ranged attacks. The ideal situation is when the monster is in your line of sight but you are not in theirs. This will allow you free shots. It's especially useful for monsters that don't chase you such as Q's. The way to do this is to be two spaces away from a corner while the enemy is at the last spot around the corner. (Search the forums for hockey stick for more details.)

Originally Posted by Holy_Rage View Post
14)18) If playing a caster, keep two copies of each spellbook on your @. The weight is well worth finding yourself without the tools of your trade.
Once your dexterity is high enough that you can't be stolen from, you don't need to worry about keeping extra copies of the dungeon only books (the ones after the first 4). They can't be burned. If you have fire immunity and high dexterity you don't need extras of any of them.
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