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Originally Posted by Grotug View Post
So why do acid attacks destroy multiple objects but lightning not? Is it because arrows and scrolls are weak objects? So carrying 30 potions of CLW doesn’t help at all against losing healing potions?
You're seeing patterns that aren't there. Acid and fire destroy multiple objects more often because a) you encounter acid and fire more often, and b) you carry large quantities of acid/fire-vulnerable items, which means that any given attack has greater odds of destroying at least something.

Put another way, destroying 2% of 50 items means you'll lose 1 on average, while destroying 2% of 5 items means you'll get hit 10 times on average before anything is destroyed. Do you have 5 wands in your pack, or 50? Do you have 5 scrolls+arrows+staves in your pack, or 50?
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Originally Posted by Grotug View Post
5. Wands and rods both get destroyed by lightning, but lightning's frequency at which it destroys your metal objects in your pack is *much* less than the frequency at which acid and fire destroy staves,
Wands get destroyed at the same rate as everything else, but rods are four times less likely to be destroyed. Note too that the chance of destruction is greater the more powerful the attack.
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