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I dont think its a matter of whats right or wrong but rather of "what do you want"?

L-LoS is a key aspect of the game and its how almost all OOD TO are made; wait for that great wyrm that can 1shot you to be in L LOS and TO.

If you WANT that the player has this choice of never ever having to fight, or even be in LoS of big bad mobs, then carry on as now.

After all the mob is right behind a corner and you see it, while you hug the wall and are almost invisible - there is even a rational explanation for it.

If instead you want the player to basically engage a mob - be in LoS, could catch a breath - to use TO, then change it. You could do symmetric but you could also do only-unimpeded, where ANY obstruction to LoS stops ranged attacks.

Id like to add that to me, Angband is all about exploits, just the same way that the game is about crippling curses and drolems instakills. GOP plus ring of acid, rangers with extra shots and HM, MBan spam, corridors full of runes, its all about exploiting your way through a merciless game that just wants to torture you.
Dont Derakonize it to the point where the only tactic is to Legendary-stealth your way on DL98 with 100hp.
"i can take this dracolich"

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Asymmetric LOS is not required for TO. You get one free turn when the monster moves from "not in LOS" to "in LOS". The only thing that asymmetric LOS does is give you a second chance if the first attempt fails, but you can always either take your chances spending a turn with the monster able to attack you, or use one of your 0%-failure escapes like Teleport Level.
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