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More ironman priest

With everyone talking about ironman priest, I felt the itch to play one myself. A while ago, I lost 2 promising starts to lack of phase door scrolls in the middle game.

This time around, I had 2 attempts who didnt make it to orb level (one got ambushed by a half orc on dlvl 2!). I also varied the start; one bought a magic crossbow, bolts and not much else. In principle this approach can work, but it would have to be a sling; it just takes too long till bolts (or arrows) start to appear commonly. In the end, I bought a mace, book 1, lots of food (being a troll), a few torches and a huge stack of ?phase.

Maggot kindly gave me his magic warhammer, which was upgraded by a defender axe <+4> from Brodda. This was discarded in favour of a magic pick when I had FA and SI covered elsewhere and found book 3.

The first vault I cleared was the hardest; with no teleport other, I had to lure various nasties away, by running away, detecting and guessing their progress towwards me, then using portal to hopefully approach the vault from a safe side and out of range of the nasties. When I finally had killed the last inhabitant and entered the hall of treasures, the first thing I stepped on was an unidentified scroll which I foolishly read. It destructed everything.

Level 52 had the vault that made the game; a cloak with fire immunity and an armor with cold immunity meant that my consumables were safe now.
I was wielding a shortbow (x2) that gave me +4 wisdom and no ammo; Then I found the ultimate priest boots which let me discard wisdom amulets. I picked up a stack of holy might shots and replaced the bow with a sling, upgrading eventually to a Buckland +2. By level 90 I was ready for the final bosses, but I kept clearing the remaining vaults on the way down in the hopes of finding either a good melee weapon or more good shots for the sling. I found neither, but my consumables kept stacking up to ridiculous levels. In the end, I fought Sauron with my sword - it has a bit of acid damage - and shot Morgoth to death with the sling.

With fire immunity, burnable consumables were never a problem - except for phase door scrolls. Even protected, I had to use them sparingly before I found book 5 which made them obsolete. I still think they should be more frequent; it makes little sense that ?phase is a cheap commodity for anyone but ironman fighters and green casters, for whom they turn into the bottleneck for survival.

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Congrats! Ironman is a great challenge mode - less tedium and more of a challenge than normal play.

I agree limited supply of ?Phase Door is a major challenge in ironman setting. Food and light are in theory also a challenge but in reality only rarely actually lead to a loss. I have completed ironman with all classes and find Warrior the most difficult. Probably because it is the only class that has to rely on ?Phase all through the game.

If anything where to be changed I would not ask for more ?Phase Door's. I'd rather see a Rod of Phasing or Gnomish Boots (activates for ?Phase every 5-10 turns). These would take an inventory slot or compete with speed boots which is reasonable. Ironman Warriors have few other weaknesses.
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