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My Card Game "Call of the Wild"

TL;DR please give me some "likes" on the links at the bottom of this post. Thanks!

Hello out there! Some of you may know me from the 4.2.1 revision to the Blackguard class in Vanilla. Or maybe you've seen my publicly available Google Spreadsheet that adds to the Vanilla documentation. Maybe you've thought, "gee, this Blackguard is SOOOO GOOD that I wish I could somehow repay the kind soul who did all this work." Well now you can!

I created a card game a while back that I'm self-producing now. It's a very unique game that puts a funny, silly premise -- players make mythical animal noises instead of talking -- on top of a fairly serious game theory framework (iterated prisoner's dilemma). It has a short play time and is suitable for playing with your family, or before/after/in-between more lengthy games, or even when drinking with your adult friends.

Last year I was in pretty serious negotiations with a major publisher, but it seems that I negotiated too hard and they withdrew their offer. Hopefully, time will tell that I made the right decision to not sign away "my baby."

Undaunted, I've made a lot of progress towards self-publishing. I've demoed the game for a lot of people and earned some fans, including being ranked #1 Silly Game by Board Game Blitz. I've worked out the details with a manufacturer (Do Fine Games) and a storage/fulfilment solution (Quartermaster Logistics) with an online retailer ( and now I'm getting more into the marketing phase.

That's where you come in! I'm quite bad at marketing and self-promotion, and any help that anyone out there wants to give would be so appreciated. One of the really helpful but low-effort things you could do would be to give my existing, not-very-good marketing efforts a like or subscribe. Constructive feedback is also very good. If, down the road when it's being crowdfunded or available for purchase, you could share a link with your friends that would be amazing!

Here's what I have so far:
Mailing List

Thanks fam!
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