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[Poschengband] Hobos hate rings, help!

This is my first post, so please don't be too harsh .

I recently started playing as a ring, and for some odd reason, 9/10 of all townspeople 'see me for who I truly am', and start drooling/begging/touching me randomly.

Whenever a raving lunatic comes nearby while a mean-mercenary or battle-scarred veteran is heading towards me, I cross my fingers hoping to get a ringbearer with an actual melee attack.

This is how NPC logic works:
- If an insane person is drooling all over a piece of jewelry, smite it to hell.
- If an insane person picks it up, starts acting normal, then places it down on the ground next to him, run towards the ring and look at it more closely. Unless he drools on you, then it's an ill omen, respond as stated above. (Annoying when I forget to press 'stay away')
Is raving lunatic spit enchanted? Please make raving lunatic, urchin, hobo and leper unable to deter black market agents, mercenaries, veterans and other enemies...

And why do hobos who find out about a ring start begging for money, hobos should instantly fail to notice mechanical-wise, as they'd probably try to take it if they notice anyways, to scam someone. Or make glitter NEVER attract townspeople.

Also, I have a few more questions as to how ring bearer mechanics work:
- How do I make pets equip items?! I've gotten a pet to pick up one or two items by enabling item pickup from the menu, then dismounting. Also, how do I take items they pick up?
- Why do mean mercenaries and battle-scarred veterans, along with smeagol, resist my control, but when the first two evolve, they don't ever resist, and no novice warrior ever resists me. (I'm alright with this, maybe it's intended, and it's definitely interesting)
- What personality other than nimble is good for rings? Penalties to CHA or INT always mess me up, and no personality increases both or doesn't penalize one.
- Should I let my pet / ring bearer take kills for me so I can evolve it, or should I just spam spells, I'm not familiar with how EXP sharing with pets work in this game. I heard there's no EXP from pet kills, but I get a lot from having a swordsman cut his way through a mass of worm masses.
- How does touching to steal work with pets, do I gain the gold stolen?
- Is there any reliable way to gain jewelry to absorb? Detect jewelry requires me to find hidden doors or dig walls, and I can't equip picks and my search is fair at most. I never find doors either, are there any tips on how long I should hold down s, and how far I have to be to detect a door?
- This isn't really mechanics at all, but how does the ring hold stuff, and how does it eat rations?!

(Sorry if it's too long;
TLDR; Why do Raving Lunatics and hobos attract so much attention!?)
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