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Originally Posted by CivBesch View Post
We seem to have the same ring of flames, but your skill is better, mine is only 4%.

I keep being amazed about how wrongly I sometimes interpret the value of artifacts. I found a 'rod of curing' and a 'ring of open wounds', which seem to do similar things, but when selling them in the same shop (magic shop) the price offered is greatly different: for the ring I am offered 4 and for the rod I'm offered 666.

I am also astonished that a ring of Escaping is offered 2944, although it seemed almost worthless to me, only speeding me up +4, which is not even double speed and at the same time making me afraid of melee and worse at shooting and casting spell.
The base damage for the elemental rings (Ice, Flames, Acid, Lightning) doesn't change. If you find a different ring of Flames, the base damage at the center of the ball will still be 80. But they may have a different protection amount (the + number in the [] which adds to armor class). IIRC, your device skill is based on your Magic Devices rating which can increase with additional dexterity.

I would never use a Ring of Open Wounds, having hitpoint recovery being impaired could be very bad. A Rod of Curing though can be useful. I usually just carry plenty of Cure Critical Wounds potions.

Ring of Escaping I would only use if I was playing certain characters, hobbit rogue perhaps. But avoiding monsters and sneaking around doesn't fit my playstyle!
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Open wounds has the negative effect of slowing down hitpoint recovery. Hence it's not as valuable. Curing only has positive effects and is thus worth more.
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