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win streaks/winrates of 1 silmaril noldor?

Players who get really good at Sil tend to move to Edain, 3 rune + morgy, speedruns, etc. to have new challenges to complete.

But what about if you just sat down and tried to win as many 1 silmaril wins with everything in your favour (Noldor, safest build, etc) as possible in a row? How many wins long would your streak be?

(This is similar in principle to Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup winstreaks, though the longest winstreaks tend to not repeat classes/backgrounds until every one of them has been done once. There isn't really an equivalent of this soft restriction in Sil as there aren't enough distinct starting races, and restrictions like 'each win must be with a different build' are too arbitrary. But if you'd find it more fulfilling to streak Edain instead, go for it.)
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