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The meet-up was fun. A few rapid-fire, disconnected comments:

Hadn't seen Michael Toy for about 25years, so it was nice to get re-acquainted.

The Angband talk was fun and good, although I think they tried to cover too much ground given how short the time-slot was. I was personally pleased to hear Eddie Grove mentioned (i.e. PowerDiver), and was a bit surprised by how much his play style seems to have shaken up the old order of things. [As I said in an old post many years ago: "I like to think I'm pretty good at this game, for a human. But Eddie ... Eddie is something else again."]

d_m *did* recognize me by my shirt, so take *that*, Nick. He graciously let me talk his ear off at lunch.

Liked Nicholas Feinberg's talk on DCSS, and his fight against strategies that are tedious/slow/boring but have the unfortunate property of being successful (e.g. breeding Black Oozes in Angband).

Zack and Tarn Adams were far more normal and plain than I was expecting, but sadly I thought that their talk on Dwarf Fortress was also far more normal and plain than I was expecting.

Kate Compton's talk on Tracery was great. A little heavier on actual computer science than most of the talks (that's a compliment, not a complaint!).

Brian Walker (Brogue) did a good job of focusing on one (relatively narrow) aspect, giving what I thought was a cogent and useful talk in the short time allotted him.

My son really liked Alexei Pepers' talk on improving accessibility of Nethack for the visually impaired. I wasn't able to see her talk live, but look forward to watching the video.

Many thanks to all who participated. Especially the speakers, who came to the meet-up on their own dime.
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Originally Posted by bron View Post
d_m *did* recognize me by my shirt, so take *that*, Nick.
Rebuke accepted. I was wrong and am a bad person
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