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Favourite: Mid-game, more options start opening up, gear starts to get interesting but there are still many pieces missing and each new drop is exciting.

Least Favourite: Very early and late game.

Early: barely any options, generally really boring monsters and loot. Identifying mini-game...

Late: your kit is complete, except maybe for one or two pieces that you're desperately looking for. Or the uniques that you still "need" to kill. Because why wouldn't you? I've never been a big competitor for turn counts or anything, so why not clear 10 more dungeon levels before tackling the bosses? It would be a shame to lose a character with so much time spent on.. (I should really try forced descent. I like the way Sil does this also.)
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the Invisible Stalker
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Favourite: The nighttime run to Gondolin.

Least favourite: Continually rerolling characters until one survives to nightfall on the first day. My median character lifetime is just over one minute (wall clock time, not game time).

If you find these statements baffling then you need to try FA's thrall mode.
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favourite part: playing every level at least once and full-clearing each one. i am somewhat OCD and clearing out a level fully is especially rewarding to me. this also means that the occasional OOD monster/unique becomes incredibly challenging. the other day i ran into shelob very early, at low level, and it took me two hours to kill her. it was most satisfying. i also dislike using banish, so U's, Z's, A's can be quite a challenge.

another favourite part is finding stat potions for my primary stat, and finding speed equipment.

least favourite: the small capacity of my home in town.

another least favourite: matching ammo types to shooter types (i.e. arrows to bows, shots to slings, bolts to crossbows)
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Originally Posted by superjase View Post
the other day i ran into shelob very early, at low level, and it took me two hours to kill her. it was most satisfying.
That's outstanding.
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Early game:

Like having to scrap around to survive and use what you can find.
Dislike the boring loot in general and lack of ooD monsters, artifacts, egos, loot and vaults.

Solution: Add more interesting and dangerous stuff early on.

Mid game:

Like finding the first few artifacts and useful egos.
Dislike bring swamped with artifacts and egos making each discovery less and less exciting.
Also dislike stat gain making every character the same.

Solution: Reduce equipment drops by a lot and get rid of stat potions entirely (would need to rebalance for the latter).

End game:

I find this the most boring as the game is the easiest at this point (which it shouldn't really).
Too much junk to sift through, unique hunting and getting endgame kit and consumables is boring. I abandon most characters when it gets to this stage as I don't have the motivation to play through the last few hours.

Solution: Reduce equipment here too and reduce the total number of levels in the game and then balance drops for ironman mode (which I'd like to see become the standard).

Make the end game monsters a bit easier to compensate (Morgoth requires far too much preparation which makes the whole end game boring).
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All the game is very nice but gaining levels on xp penalty races and hoarding consumables mid game must be the boring thing.

Now what I really hate to do is inscribing and macros over and over again.

I wish it could be preset so you just press one key and then select an action instead of having to inscribe and map everything in every game. I know you can save your prefs and it helps a lot but I almost never keep my angband folder for long so my saves are never around.
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