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Pancake dungeon

I've hacked together a patch to compress the dungeon down to 10 levels (attached). My first character died quickly at 800', but then again I was an underequipped level-10 half-troll rogue. I should have replayed the 400' level before going down again. So I'm not quite ready to redo the level table, which is, as it currently stands:
0       => 0
1-2     => 2
3-8     => 8
9-16    => 16
17-30   => 30
31-40   => 40
41-80   => 80
81-98   => 98
99      => 99
100-127 => 127
This does drastically change the nature of the first dungeon level the player encounters -- particularly, the presence of Grip, Fang, and the various novice humans make it much more dangerous. So if this were ever to happen officially, I suspect the first dungeon level would still just map to 50' only. However, from then on out, my goal was to make taking down staircases be a significant step with a big increase in danger, that you would probably only do after re-playing the current dungeon level a few times. We'll see how it goes with repeat playing. Fortunately it's quite easy to tweak the level mapping.

I haven't fully tested this; staircases appear to work, but I don't know the debug commands enough to summon myself some scrolls of Deep Descent or Teleport Level. So play at your own risk. I was a bit worried about the structure of dungeon_compress_change_level, but the else branch should always work -- it's impossible to generate down staircases (or otherwise go down) at the bottom of the dungeon, after all.

On a side note, it has been a long time since I programmed in C.
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