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complete revision of stats

This post is partly inspired by Mikko's comments about stats being all important to vanilla, and how they fail to live up to their intention. This post essentially is the result of what I would do with stats if you gave me a complete blank slate and about a day to think about them.

I'll list each stat and what it affects. bold effects are different from current. italic effects require some other feature of the code.

Physical stats:

  • Affect carrying capacity
  • Affect combat (prowess)
  • Affect door bashing and digging

  • Affect combat (finesse)
  • Affect AC evasion
  • Affect trap avoidance/disarming

  • Affect HP
  • Affect saving throw (poison, paralysis)

Mental stats

  • Affect magic device skill
  • Affect spell failure rates ( for priests/paladins also )
  • Affect tracking/perception
  • Affect trap, door detection
  • Affect telepathy abilities
  • Affect saving throw (confusion, blindness, fear)

  • Affect Spell points (note Int no longer governs this)
  • Affect curse recognition/detection
  • Affect saving throw (mind blasting)

  • Affect pricing
  • Affect player-spell range (including devices, and detection)
  • Affect monster spell range
  • Affect status spell success rates (conf, fear, blindness, sleep)
  • Affect monster fear status

The big change is that INT/WIS/CHR are all needed for the spell casters, although you can specialize for two of them. For example, a rogue could ignore Wisdom and instead focus on INT and CHR, take a low SP value and only use spells for detection. Similarly, a priest could ignore charisma and only use spells when close to monsters. There still is not a good motivation for a warrior to invest in most of the mental stats, but I don't see a way around that.
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