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Therem Harth
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Monster quirks

i.e. innate powers, etc. that could liven up some of Angband's monsters. Especially, but not necessarily, uniques. Should be unusual, not necessarily consistent, and at least a little thematic.

For instance:

"Gabriel the Messenger unleashes a barrage of magical energy." (Six bolts consisting randomly of light, confusion, sound, or pure mana.)

"The beholder looks you straight in the eye. You suddenly wonder what you're doing here." (Attempts to entrance the character into removing a random item of equipment. Saving throw applies.)

"The fire giant bellows a prayer to his gods." (Do nothing for 2-3 turns, then summon a bunch of fire elementals.)

"The deathmold hooks a tendril around your ankle and drags you closer." (When within 2 spaces of the mold; pulls you directly adjacent to it. Be afraid, be very afraid.)

"The Archlich gestures angrily at you." (Character must pass a saving throw, or be lifted up and thrown some distance; possibly into a wall.)

"The Ettin lifts you up and throws you." (Same, except no saving throw this time.)

And for a grand finale:

"Sauron smiles at you. You feel weak in the knees..." (Character must pass a saving throw, or be unable to attack or work magic for 2-3 turns.)

"Morgoth slams his hammer into the floor!" (Remove rock for 4-5 spaces around him, deal some shards damage, and immediately summon monsters.)

What think ye?
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