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Originally Posted by Therem Harth View Post
I'll admit I laughed at that. But I'm not sure if I interpreted it right, or how well other people will take it.
I think that was in reference to some awful thread somewhere about TOME4 or something
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Therem Harth
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It was. Which was why I laughed. From the sound of it, it was painfully accurate.
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It was a reference to ToME4, yes. If it's too despicable to be in a game, even with orcs...
You read the scroll labeled NOBIMUS UPSCOTI...
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I do quite like the idea of 'delayed effect' monster spells - ie the monster casts a spell and you know that in a few turns something really bad will happen, so you have to decide whether to run/teleport away, hope to kill the monster first, or find a way to survive the effect.
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Originally Posted by Therem Harth View Post
"Morgoth slams his hammer into the floor!" (Remove rock for 4-5 spaces around him, deal some shards damage, and immediately summon monsters.)
Don't know about the rest, but this seems like a keeper. One of @'s main advantages over Morgy is @'s ability to manipulate terrain. This would level the field a bit, moreso if used wisely, like when doing so would create (previously unavailable) LoS to the player (and not otherwise).
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"Morgoth shoots a rocket at you! You take 800 damage! Morgoth launches a nuclear bomb at you! You take 5000 damage! You die. The dungeon around you melts! Everything around you is annihilated!"

And before that, you'll be severely mutilated by mine-dogs, kamikaze orcs and exploding horrors. Oh, but this already exists no? It's called ZAngband!
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