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I just picked up a game called Delver on steam yesterday. It's a first person, real time action/roguelike game. Gave it about an hour and a half last night - pretty fun so far.
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Originally Posted by Mondkalb View Post
I can recommend "Desktop Dungeons". It's also available on GOG, for those who don't like steam (like myself ).

I wouldn't really call it a roguelike, though it has some elements of roguelikes. It's more like a puzzle game where you have to find ways to make the best out of your resources (of course that is a roguelike element).

In this game, everything is a resource, even the monsters in the dungeon and the uncovered tiles. This is because you need to kill a certain amount of monsters to level up in order to kill the boss monster and you need dark dungeons tiles because by uncovering them you regain HPs and mana points.
The monsters don't move though (with some exceptions).

Desktop Dungeons is a very polished game and has extremely sophisticated game mechanics. The fun lies partly in discovering how everything might work together.
It features 7 playable races, 15+ classes, a variety of items, some gods who may help your heroes in their quests and several buildings you can build and upgrade in your base to unlock classes, quests and so on.

There is also a wiki:

Almost forgot - it is filled with humor.
I take the liberty of quoting my own posting - for a good cause ;-):
The game is now available for iOS and Android. It's just perfect for tablet devices.
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