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reactions to changes in new V release

My first reaction is that it's going to be really annoying getting used to the new pickup and shop interface, and taking so much time in shops 'cause I have to be extra careful not to accedently buy or sell something I don't want to buy or sell. Anyway, I won't mind those things once I do get used to them, but I don't understand the reason for the change.

Why does it automatically squelch summon monster scrolls? I didn't tell it to do that. I use those scrolls sometimes.

Also, the monsters act differently, that group of jackels won't follow me out into the hallway. That's going to make orcs and other things that come in groups significantly nastier, 'cause it's a lot harder to make sure you fight only one at a time.

I just noticed something else, why are hallways appearing as lit when they're not lit? That's going to be confusing, because I don't know where I'm able to see and where I'm not able to see. Can I change this? I've seen those options about remembering grids, but I couldn't tell exactly what they do. EDIT: nevermind, I figured out how to fix that.

hmm, I haven't found any noticable changes that I actually like, maybe I'll go back to the previous version.

one more thing I just noticed: I can't figure out how to autoinscribe?

[EDIT:] Okay, I did find one minor change that I like and that's that torches & lamps don't get used up in the town in daytime. BTW, does the general store not stock lanterns anymore?

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