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Originally Posted by buzzkill View Post
FOREVER. I played Moria back in the day on my C64, later Rogue (with graphics) on my Amiga 500. I also seem to recall playing some roguelike, with shops within the dungeon that you could buy from or tunnel into, but then a mob of keystone cops would show up. I started paying the current RL's about 6 months ago. I consistently make CL30 with a nice low turn count, but can't seem to turn the corner. Never won.
That was either Hack or an early version of Nethack. It's still the same way, if you are in a shop, grab something, and teleport out the Keystone Cops show up and mob you with cream pies and rubber hoses.

It's best not to do that unless you're a high-level chaotic character (with some item of reflection, for some reason all shopkeepers carry at least a wand of magic missile and usually some elemental wand) and really don't like the shopkeepers. Just leave poor Izchak alone.

I think I had a YASD at some point where I was in a shop, fighting a mimic IIRC, and stupidly decided to read an unidentified scroll. Turned out to be teleport, the shopkeeper came after me and that was the end of that character.
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