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As a ranger (well, as any class, but rangers in particular), you should try to keep a nice fat stack of Phase Door scrolls on your person at all times. If a monster hits you and drains a stat, immediately Phase Door away, and shoot the monster down with your bow. Likewise, Phase Door + bow will kill most uniques quite safely. Rangers are amazing at ranged weapons, so don't be afraid to use them! Even an unenchanted 1d4 arrow can do a lot of damage from a decent magical bow.

Most stat drainers in the early game (50'-2000') are either stationary or ghosts. The former shouldn't be a problem, and the latter can be detected in advance by using a Staff of Detect Evil or the spell Reveal Monsters.

I'd also personally recommend turning on the "cheat" option that gives you full monster memory, so you can see what each monster is capable of without having to suffer the attacks first. If that doesn't sit well with you, then keep an eye out for Rods of Probing, which have a similar effect of filling in monster memory when used.
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