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Pete Mack
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Except with mage, fast-cast makes for equally fast attacks. It is only when drinking !heal or !rmana that a 4.2 mage with Wormtongue's boots is at nominal speed.
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Door creation and dimension door are some of the most powerful spells a mage has in his arsenal, especially for fighting monsters that summon or have distance attacks. Dimension door, if you don't know, lets you pick your precise target square. If you need to heal, recharge mana, etc., cast a couple Banishes or Mass Banishes, recharge some wands/staves, re-cast fast cast or resistance, etc., just close the door, do your business, and open it again when ready to continue. Door creation is a 0% fail perfect escape as long as you leave some room around you. I make heavy use of both once I get them. Dimension door takes a lot of mana, however, so you have to resist the urge to bop around the level with it.

Even if you don't want to abuse asymmetrical LOS, you can use door creation to limit your exposure in a crowd.
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