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decent ironman attempt

To test and fix learn-by-use, I am trying out ironman in trunk[1375]. I've been making changes such as to get full id after you learn all the plusses on a {magical} item, learn ac bonuses when foes attack, etc. The first two attempts died early, but this one is going well.

The ladder dump is

My biggest problem was figuring out a hat of regen. I thought the code learned regen, which should be obvious if your hp or sp ever drop below max, because Amrod's description mentions it, but in fact regen is never learned. There's just that gross hack that occasionally randomly learns all of the flags on a wielded object. I had to go code diving to figure out this one.

I've primarily used unblessed pointy weapons. There's just no option about choosing the best weapon while ignoring pointiness.

I'd really like a quiver. It will be a shame to toss branded ammo when I inevitably run out of slots.

I'm pretty sure my excellent [non-splendid] boots lacking FF must be FA, so I should toss the lesser AC FA boots, but given my difficulty with the hat of regen I'm not sure I trust myself.

Identify has been in ridiculously short supply, as mentioned in my most recent feature request. I carried Gorlim for at least 10 dLevels waiting for ?id so I could stop it from coming back after I dropped it.
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