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Red face Fingolfin the High Elf Ranger


I'm a relatively new Angband player, and totally new to the forum, but thought I would share my YASD story.

I thought Fingolfin II (sitting at ~4M score and character level 41), the son of Fingolfin (my best character thus far with ~8M score) was doing quite well thus far. The beginning of his journey to avenge his father was a little bumpy and frustrating, as he made it to character level 27 without finding a single artifact or decent item. Only an early set of Caestus of Slaying provided him with much capacity to do damage. His first artifact was the Phial of Galadriel, created by a Scroll of Acquirement...

Anyway, things picked up nicely after that, as he found the legendary defender Gondricam, which served him very well for much of his life beyond that point. The +50 AC made him very difficult to hit. Boots of Thror, Shield of Thorin, cloak Colannon, the armor Hithlomir (and later Thalkettoth)...You can understand how I thought things were ticking along quite well.

I had a lucky find of Gil-Galad's spear Aiglos on dungeon level 41, followed by Fingolfin's own sword Ringil on dungeon level 46 (this was somewhat marred by the unfortunate disenchanting of Ringil by the breath of a storm of unmagic or something of that sort).

So it went until dungeon level 58, my first hint of a vault! Fingolfin II had a terrible feeling, but I was very excited as he quaffed a potion of Enlightenment, and, indeed, found a vault. The Phoenix had fallen easily under Aiglos on dungeon level 57, and he was clad in the shiny Mithril Chain Mail Belegennon, with his first Ring of Speed on his finger. Fingolfin II couldn't help but remember his father's epic tales of vault-busting, and the sorts of riches that they contained.

The Short Sword Sting he found, and then made his way toward the smallish vault. Near the entrance he met Uriel, the Angel of Fire. It was a great battle, but Fingolfin II was by this time a powerful sorcerer and had armored himself with magics of hastiness, shielding, and resistance to flame. Uriel and his minions fell easily under Aiglos, just as the Phoenix had fallen not long before.

He cleared most of the rest of the vault with ease, but his helm Holhenneth had given him a premonition that none other than Carcharoth, the Jaws of Thirst lay beyond the last granite wall. He girded himself with as many magics of protection as he knew, and shattered the granite to face the beast.

Carcharoth first breathed poison, and Fingolfin II was caught a little off-guard, but quaffed a potion of healing to bring him back up to full strength. He thought he could face the beast if he but remained strong! But then...

The evil hound Carcharoth let loose with breath of fire, followed immediately by the cold breath of nether...And so at character level 41, Fingolfin II perished. Carcharoth had struck him with 1100 points of damage before he could get so much as a word in edgewise.

It was a valiant death, perhaps, but I knew in the back of my mind that I should have let that one go. The monster info had said that Carcharoth is a dungeon level 90 unique...

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He's tough even when you fight him at depth. Taking him on at dlvl 60-ish is insane, Ringil or no
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yasd carcharoth

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