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Beguiling: A use for charisma?

This has probably been suggested before but how about using CHR to be able to beguile a creature/person for a level?

Imagine being attacked by a tiger but instead of attacking back you try and beguile it.
Or a novice fighter as your friend on level 1
Or an AMHD later on

Failure means a free attack for them, success means you have a pet/friend for the level.

Monsters would have a save, no doubt and certain monsters should probably be immune. Such as uniques, summons and lair monsters and mindless types, undead types...

Leaving the level would set the monster free.

I doubt this would help even slightly in big fights but it could help clearing lairs?

Who knows! Perhaps a CHR of 18/*** would even let you beguile uniques!

I've seen plenty of levels with 3+ uniques on there. They could end up fighting each other!

Just throwing it out there to be shot down! ;-)
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I think this possibility exists in Cthulhu Angband, and maybe in other variants. If it was implemented in Angband I would like if different classes would beuile different types of creatures. Like a ranger or shaman could tame an animal. A priest could convert humanoids and necromancers could control undead while a mage could make a golem or elemental.

This would change the game balance and I don't think there is room for it in Angband, but in variants. I'm not sure the controlled creatures would be of much use to the player though, because they would be weaker than the player and the enemies.

It would be really cool anyway. I've always wanted to play a real necromancer.
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