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Hengband for Mac OS X

In earlier threads about Hengband,
, like this one,
, there were requests for an up-to-date English Mac OS X version.

I've put together one based on the current ( sources from
You can find the binary here:

The hope is that the binary will run on Mac OS X 10.7 or later. I only have ready access to a 10.14 or 10.15 system so any tales of success or failure with earlier versions would be appreciated. Also any feedback about what does not work well in the Mac interface would be welcomed - especially any glitches with the graphics or how things like keymaps or macros interact with how the interface passes keystrokes to the game.

The source code for the changes made can be found at the same site with the binary. None of this would have been possible without the source code for Hengband and code from poschengband and Angband. The contributors to those three projects did all the hard work.

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Thank you!

Works fine on 10.13.6, I'll try it on my old iMac later on.

I've been playing Vanilla, and have been heartily bored.
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It's good to hear that it worked on 10.13.

There's a revised version that was uploaded around 20:15 GMT on September 10th. A list of the changes can be found at . The substantial changes are:
  • Fix two potential sources for crashes (spell_RF6_HASTE() and spell_RF6_HEAL() in mspells4.c)
  • Change how unidentified scrolls or food items are removed from the pack after use
  • Change how charges are deducted after use for unidentified wands or staves in the pack
  • Change the rendering for the Mac OS X interface so there's fewer artifacts with fonts like Zapfino or Snell Roundhand

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