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Originally Posted by Quirk View Post
Well, the founding of Moria - Khazad-dum - comfortably predates the start of the First Age, and it grew wealthy from trading mithril. Did Telchar and Gamil Zirak have the chance to trade for and work Moria-silver? I'm happy to believe so.
Oh, lest I forget: Mithril Axes when?

Other Sil-Q quality of life improvements you may like are [ and ], which give you a list of visible monsters and visible objects respectively. Someday these may be documented.
Nice, albeit they need a "on level" setting to really get staffscumming going..

Ah, right. Yeah, looking at it the control and / text mentions "disarms/opens chests and searches skeletons", but the , text seems a bit tacked on. I may have to look at reworking that.
Been meaning to ask, but are there any hardcoded reasons why context sensitive commands cannot be used more? Sil doen't have a lot of commands interacting with doors/floor, but it feels like they could be boiled down to [interact with object on current tile] and [interact with object on adjacent tile]?

Outwitted enemies are generally failing to hit you with more than a glancing blow; I get one could argue that if you're so very clever they shouldn't hit you at all, but I don't think it's that bad a fit.
Anticipate? Pretty synonymous, but is used more often in physical contexts (is/was it used elsewhere though? Feels as though I've seen it in Sil before).

I'm thinking of having rebooted staffs be off-hand items that gain Focus depending on time spent and Perception skill, which can be spent on a variety of "Word of" abilities e.g. "Word of Opening" or "Word of Whetting". Focus will be a bit like spell points, and each staff will have a random assortment of abilities.
So working a bit like Wands in Angband except with multiple bound spells per Staff?

It's a bit Gandalfy, and not very First-Agey, but it's much more Tolkienish than the limited-use consumable way staffs work currently and it incorporates the "word of command" and "spells of men and elves" in a way that makes staffs meaningful and doesn't overlap with songs. Quarterstaffs will then perish.
Would prefer it if the wizard made the staff and not the other way around, but I'll guess I'll wait for how it pans out. Don't forget the spells of Orcs if going that rote though! Orcish is hinted at having mystical properties as well:

Originally Posted by Gandalf
'I once knew every spell in all the tongues of Elves or Men or Orcs that was ever used for such a purpose. I can still remember ten score of them without searching in my mind. But only a few trials, I think, will be needed; and I shall not have to call on Gimli for words of the secret dwarf-tongue that they teach to none. The opening words were Elvish, like the writing on the arch: that seems certain.'
EDIT: There's a graphical glitch where tile symbols in menus remains partially visible when they should've disappeared, eg when swapping cathegories in the known monster/item list. I think I've seen it in the item menu when ID'ing/dropping many items at in short succession but can't reproduce it at the beginning of the game with few, known items.

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