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Einoel is on a distinguished road
I think it was at the beginning of the 80's that someone showed me Moria. Bought a floppy disc, copied the game and was hooked on it. Spent too much time at school playing it. A few months ago I was watching The Hobbit and then I remembered that I used to play Moria, so googled and found Angband. And again I have to watch that I don't spent too much time on it.
The basic feeling is the same and all the familiar Mage commands came back quickly. Love all the extra spell books, artifacts and special monsters.
Just met an old friend (the Balrog of Moria) and it was nice to beat him again while knowing the game was 'just' getting started.
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Amnekian is on a distinguished road
In 2008 my brother got Shiren the Wanderer: Mystery Dungeon. After I learned the genre, I found out about Nethack in 2010 I think. After 3 years I ascended in Nethack and I wanted more, so I looked for the best. And that's how I found out about Angband. I gotta say, Angband has earned a really undeserving bad reputation among roguelike fans. People claimed that it is very grindy but I like to think of it as an open option. I beat Morgoth with craptacular gear I think and the endgame is very stressful and dangerous unlike Nethac
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Oraticus is on a distinguished road
I don't have the long and storied history with roguelikes like other posters. A friend of mine convinced me to try playing a roguelike on my android called "Pixel Dungeon". Shortly after starting that game, I noticed on the wiki for Pixel Dungeon that it was inspired by "Brogue", which I also got caught up in even so far as hosting a weekly competition for almost a year.

Along the way, I noticed Angband being mentioned, and as my time in Brogue wound down, I decided to pick up Angband and give it a spin. I've only played maybe a dozen characters, but I like the pace of the game, the challenge it provides, and the excitement you get from seeing (ego) or a artifact/randart name pop up when grabbing gear. I think this will be something I play casually for many years to come!

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duduric is on a distinguished road
I found the variant "Utumno" on a shareware games magazine CD around 10 years ago... it was a crippled copy and crashed after character generation, but I found it oddly intriguing, so I browsed around to see if a newer version was available and ended discovering Angband
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Jax is on a distinguished road
played moria as a child (umoria i think). found the game fascinating and impossible.

few years back my brother found the game, showed me it, looked just like moria and ive been playing ever since. i tryhard the game now im older though
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I was a longtime Diablo 1 and 2 player. The letdown that was Diablo 3 got me looking around for other games in the spirit of its predecessors. I'd never played a roguelike until I saw Brogue in this lovely list. Got hooked on the tiles version.

More recently I switched from Windows to Linux and realized that there are tons of awesome games that inspired Brogue (and that ASCII graphics ain't so bad after all). Angband is the first one I've tried; after (if?) I finally kill Morgoth I'll check out some non-vanillas, and then likely move on to NetHack.

Only been playing for a few weeks but I think my level 47 dwarf priest has it this time! Right? Right?!

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