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FA 3.5 Wielding bug? - extra equipment slot

This happened to me twice with this character... The first time I thought I was just mistaken, but now...
(I don't know how to dump 'previous messages' so I just copied it)

You were wearing a metallic red potion of speed (d).
You are wearing a holy book of prayers [novice's handbook] (')

Like I said, this is the second time this happened. The first time I must have somehow equipped the potion of speed.

I'm not sure exactly what key stroke sequence produced either of these, aside from the fact that I was trying to un-equip or re-equip my 'a' slot weapon prior to or after tunneling (I'm an ent).

I tried to attach my save file, but I can't (invalid file type).

EDIT: shortly after posting this I found I was missing 2 of my spell books, so I recalled to town. I purchased a spell book exited the shop. While still standing on the shop entrance i pressed 'b' to browse the spell book and was given a message 'invalid command' or maybe 'invalid object type', and the count (x2) just kept incrementing without me pressing any keys. I had to kill FA with the task manager. FA has never crashed on me before so maybe this strange behavior was just caused by a memory leak.

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