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Pete Mack
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(+7, +7) is a good level of enchantment. Enchanting beyond that takes a lot of money, but it's still worth it if you don't get lucky finding an ego bow.
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Donald Jonker
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Originally Posted by tigpup View Post
I disagree. Getting bow to those stats will take too much time/money.

Finding a better launcher is easier if you keep looking (deeper).

I think this depends on what version/variant we're talking about.

In V 309, enchanting is almost always the way to go - ?toDam and ?toHit were in frequent and high supply at the alchemist's, so there was no real excuse to not max your blows/bow multiplier and enchant away and then dive to your heart's content.

In NPP those scrolls are much rarer, and the store service is expensive as hell, making it a tough sell.

In 310, the stacks of scrolls are smaller and the ego drops are much more common, so I'd say it's an even decision - go ahead and search for your ego drops, because they *will* come, but in the meantime there's no reason not to modestly upgrade your store-bought gear, if you play quickly. If you play slowly, upgrade away - the good stuff doesn't start raining down until 1500' anyway.
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