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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Fractional blows work like bullet time.
Ah, OK. *Waves hands* ... via some other mechanic then... *runs off*
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Actually, I'm inclined to think that a good part of why extra shots is overpowered is that it gives free turns instead of literal extra shots (the way that multiple melee blows work). The way to nerf it is to, instead of giving the player an extra turn, just bring the ammo selection menu back up after firing the first shot--the player would not be allowed to perform any action other than firing at the same target within that player-turn. Shooting would always take a full turn's energy, and the only difference between a player who fires with extra shots and a player who doesn't (either by lacking that ability or by choosing not to fire again) is the number of arrows fired in that turn.
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The free turns is a boon, it's true. But extra shots mean a minimum of 50% more damage (for the third shot.) When the game is balanced for (say) 2, the third is seriously unbalancing. For off-bow shots, imagine the effect on the Crossbow of Umbar.
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