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[Z240] Trying to kill Loki

With my Vampire Mindcrafter I have hit a wall. Loki is guarding depth 82. I can't seem to get his HP down below 50%. Even with about 9 rods of healing I can't seem to dish out enough damage over time.

I have been using mostly Pulverise, since it can stun Loki and he loses a turn.

I also tried using Mindwave since it can dish-out an impressive 250 dam.

Loki is healing frequently and using Mana Ball against me. The mana is doing about 450 damage per hit. With that much damage coming in and a limited number of Heal options, I am at a stand still. It's obvious that I cannot go toe-to-toe with him. I have tried boxing him into impassable terrain (like lava) then using offset ball attacks, but that just seems cheesey. What methods do you recommend to bring him down?
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Post the character on the ladder so that we can figure out what's up

In worst case scenario, fighting Loki on lava terrain might be the only option
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Hi Andrew

When all else fails, there is:
1) throw balls at a monster when it is not in LoS
2) Teleport self when the monster comes in LoS.

or dig a diagonal tunnel, although I can't remember if it is valid for Z240:


Good luck,

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