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Originally Posted by Zikke View Post
So we're basically just finding secret codes on the floor that are instantly redeemable for AU through an app on @'s mobile device with which he always adventures.

And hopefully he gets a signal down there.
What, you think Morgoth would have the only 5000'-deep dungeon in the world that doesn't have wi-fi?
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re: 9 Digits

In the current version gold becomes less important the higher the character develops. The highest objects i can remember to have bought in the black market were 150.000 for potion of Augmentation or 270.000 for book#9 of mages or priests. So it would be possible to take up a renaming of AU in GOLD for the next Version

On the other Hand ... everyone playing this game longer than 5 minutes could intuitively recognizes that coins found increase the AU-value and thus should be able to conclude it shows the total amount of coins found.
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Ultimately it's short for "aurum," which is just Latin for "gold."
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and here i am thinking that the gold thing was done to save space for more important gameplay aspects.

like haggling
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Originally Posted by AnonymousHero View Post
I think they're off in the "high atomic number" portion of the periodic table, along with Unobtanium. (Of course nobody's discovered them yet, so they don't have actual Latin names yet.)

Get your unobtainium here:

No, I'm not spamming - I have NOTHING to do with Zazzle, except I ordered my unobtainium from them.

If I've piqued your interest, you might visit
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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
That panel is 12 characters wide, and using 'AU' allows for 9 digits of gold. So historical reasons
Aah thanks!
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