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Originally Posted by jevansau View Post
I'm glad you found the cause of that bug so quickly. Odd in that it was my second GV quest. The first was a bubbles vault, so very lucrative. Is there any restriction on which GV's can be used, or is it just a random selection?
Actually, thank you! A savefile makes things easy to find & fix. Recreating a bug from a description that is the challenging part. I played through a bit of your greater vault quest as well. I won't spoil it for you but it looked a little too fun to pass up (assuming you use the savefile you uploaded and head down the stairs on the first turn).

As for a restriction on the vault, not that I know of. The bug was a line of code that did the opposite of what it should have done. I am having a tough time imagining how that first greater vault level could have been created, unless the vault template had plain, ordinary squares where the player could start on the level. The game hung trying to find a suitable spot to place the player when the level is generated.

Originally Posted by jevansau View Post
Is there a direct interface to the squelch settings? It would be nice to be able to go through this systematically, not just item by item.
You can do this in the object knowledge screen. You can also edit the ego-item squelch settings in the ego-item knowledge screen.

What is on the to-do list, is a central quality squelch dialog where the player can directly edit the quality squelch settings by object type. That fell through the cracks when making the QT port.

Originally Posted by jevansau View Post
How to look at floor stacks - so far, all I've found is to go to the square and use i. This is tedious.
You can right-click on the square with a mouse. Having an object list window open also does a pretty good job of letting you know what objects are nearby.

Is there another interface that is missing?
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