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using scrolls of increase to hit to uncurse Calris

Came across and picked up Calris(cursed). But have been unable to find a scroll of *uncurse* to remove the curse.

Figuring that when I do uncurse the sword that I'll want to bering its to hit value from -20 to a plus value. I started buying plus to hit scrolls and gradually improving the hit value of Calris bringing the -20 closer and closer to a value of zero. When I brought the value to zero after many scrolls of plus to hit. The sword became uncursed without having to use an *uncurse* scroll

Since you don't want to use a weapon with a minus value(of either hit or damage). Why waste gold buying an *uncurse* scroll if you're going to use plus to hit scrolls on the weapon anyway? If you find an *uncurse* scroll go ahead and use it. But to me it really isn't necessary.

using plus to hit or plus to damage scrolls to improve weapons can be used to improve an ego weapon that has a minus value(to hit and/or damage value) and convert it into a weapon that you can sell at a much better price
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