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Winner! Sil 1.3, no artifacts, 7 skill

I don't usually do "fast" very well, so I challenge myself in other ways. This Sil run was done with no artifacts, and no more than 7 points in any skill. I had done the seven point part before in Sil 1.1 (, but was pretty sure I could also add No Artifacts to that. After a lot of work, I managed to fail spectacularly stupidly ( This made me obsess about it even more, and I finally managed to complete the task.

The early corslet was a big help, as were the mithril greaves at 350 ft., since that enabled me to make a Feanorian Lamp of Brightness early on. But I would say that overall this guy had slightly worse luck than usual at treasure hunting. I kept hoping to find a Spear of the Vanyar, but eventually had to give up and make a Sword of Shadows to get to my 21st point of Smithing. But I did manage to find enough forges to eventually make all the stuff I needed (no enchanted ones though). I was collecting (and melting) mithril items to try for a mithril corslet. I was up to 8.5 lbs when I found an actual mithril corslet. Not an especially great one, but that didn't matter since I was going to melt it and make my own anyway. I never found a staff of Treasures, and only one Revelations, which I burnt out hunting for forges. But the fight in the throne room went *way* better than I was expecting, which I think more than made up for the somewhat stingy haul of items on the way down.

This character used Point Blank archery a lot. It was the most effective weapon against Kemenrauko (coupled with the Nargothrond bow and Rauko-bane). And the Troll Guards beat me up a lot until right at the end, where I managed to smith enough good stuff to get my evasion up to 20. One fun aspect is that this character managed to take almost every (useful) ability available to him by the end. I couldn't keep them all straight, but it was fun to experiment with them.

I don't really believe it to be possible win with a six skill limit and no artifacts. At least, not without amazingly unrealistic luck. There are just too many useful and important abilities at the seven level. You're more than welcome to prove me wrong.
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Well done!!!
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