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When it rains it pours

Bow of speed <+5> dropped by Wormtongue on DL16 (also provides rPois, rDark). RoS <+5> dropped by a Priest on DL25. And just now, two steps from the stairs upon entering DL36, Boots of Speed <+6>. I have +16 speed starting out on DL36. That's a bit of a heavy rain of fortune. Last trip to town, also bought an iron helm of Telepathy in the armor shop for a cool $9k. And since I'm a HT Warrior this game and wearing a Caestus of Constitution <+4> I have a very small chance of dying to a room full of Time Hounds like I did last game with a Dwarf Priest. I guess this is payback for that game; where I started out in a room full of Time hounds, took one action, had my health brought to 24. Portaled at 0% fail, Healed, only to get hit again by (the same???) Time Hounds and die. 3 turns and dead. Really, carelessness and greed are the only things that can kill me now. Even the Drolem can't. I have no TO yet, but so far haven't really needed it.

Lately, been finding a lot of good stuff under rubble, including an artifact on a 2 feeling level, and recently two !healing. I guess that's what those rubble rooms are for?

Have some monsters been programmed to protect vaults? I tried to lure Gorlim away from a vault on DL31 but only his escort the Paladin followed me. I was hoping to take Gorlim to the very corner of the map and then Teleport my self back to the vault. I went back to the vault and Gorlim was still there. Actually, I noticed that Saruman doesn't pursue me either, whether near a vault or not. Maybe that's their way of protecting themselves from being manipulated into a hockey stick position like this silly sod (note the s, the only real danger in the vault, is completely nullified due to said hockey stick):

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