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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
Um. A 9d8 MoD +2 attacks with slay evil (among other slays) --with heal500 activation-- suggests that randarts are less than perfect. Yeah it's a great weapon. But a priest doing 1100 damage vs. evil really doesn't have much challenge.

Nope, fighting Morgoth isnt a challenge with that weapon. Nor is it a challenge with Deathwreaker or a good ego weapon. What amounts to a challenge depends on the individual playing, but that aside, after defeating Morgoth a couple dozen times with standarts, it takes some restrictions to keep killing him challenging.

The challenge, if you want to call it that, lies in getting there. Everyone starts out level 1 with a dagger and a couple potions. Sometimes I find great items - then I proudly post my findings - but more often not, and then I dont make a post. But to keep starting out, I need the knowledge that there is something out there to be found. Standarts which I know (or at least knew - they have changed a bit) inside out and all of which I have found multiple times is not that.

That doesnt mean Morgoth cant be kept challenging, in principle. However, if "no artifacts" games with ego items only are no challenge, and everything random must be better than ego items to be equipped, it is impossible to make the endgame a challenge.
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