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Well after years of off and on work in various languages (Mostly QBASIC), I'm finally starting on a roguelike engine I call Thornwind.

Current plans are to get a basic game engine with no story to work, and then to build something I have planned (more of a reversal, you start at the bottom and work up to town... being evil and all .

I'm quickly learning C, many of the bugs I had initially were due to code positioning and the way includes are set up. That was fun, but hey I have something built and running, a little '@' moves around on a window (although it's trail doesn't erase yet...)

A lot of thanks go to the Angband maintainers and writers because that code has helped me a lot in both setting up windows, and with the 'term' idea to make an abstraction between the system dependent and independent code.

Also having taken some software engineering courses for my degree will help I think.

In any case, I'm making this post as an announcement, and as a way to encourage myself, so I don't just give up. If I do start to give up or slack, I'll know people will get ticked at me and I'll keep going.

Also, if I use part of Angband's code, or just base some of mine off of it, how would I make note of that, and how would licenses work? I don't want to rip code off and not credit properly...


EDIT: If you couldn't tell, the project name is currently Thornwind, heh. Surname from one of my D&D characters.
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