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Update to r1972 and this is fixed.
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Originally Posted by Matthias View Post
This is off topic but I think searching shouldn't autorepeat 10 times, but a number of times depending on your search rate. Might be overkill though
When I proposed the idea, this is exactly what I had in mind: auto-repeat to 90% certainty. The implementation is easy enough, but some people (who were not the people who didn't like it, or the people who didn't care) thought it should be an invariant number of turns not based on your searching ability.

Originally Posted by PowerDiver View Post
As to the other thing -- 1 search at 95% is more effective than 8 searches at 30%. If you are going to configure, instead of doing it on number of searches it probably ought to be on the confidence level you don't miss something.
I agree it should be a setting on confidence (rather than number of turns).

Originally Posted by Hariolor View Post
I hope the people who like auto-repeat also like binomial probabilities, because this sounds like a good solution...
Why actually, I love them!
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