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Pete Mack
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Good catch. Gloves with +DEX or Free Action are good, as are all types of gloves of alchemy. (Those can be a real boon.) There's also an artifact glove with Regeneration--that is just about as good as 25% Mana in most cases. There may be other cases where giving up the Mana is worthwhile. But ordinary gloves are not one.

Originally Posted by Estie View Post
People here have you all covered but they missed one thing:

You are wearing plain gloves. As a red book caster, gloves reduce your manapool by 1/3 unless they have either free action or a dexterity bonus. Rogues should never ever wear plain gloves.

Some gloves with strong properties might be worth taking the mana penality; a little AC isnt important enough to do so.
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Gorlim is a nasty piece of work. His spells hit very hard for his native depth. You can think of him as being like a mini-Tarrasque; not quite as nasty, but you need to be able to take him down quickly or get lucky with his spellcasting, because he can pile on damage in a hurry if he feels like it.
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