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Pete Mack
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I looked at the character, and decided no. It's just too tedious starting with bad CON and a lot of useless DEX for a full caster. (Melee is useless until you have reasonable HP.) It clearly uses the default starting stats, which shortchanges CON badly. For full casters, recommend using 16-17 STR/MAG (magic) and even DEX/CON for remaining points, favoring CON. For half casters, reverse DEX and MAG, favoring DEX. That'll keep everyone reasonably happy. Thus:
Class:      STR/DEX/CON/MAG
Warrior:     17/ 16/ 16/ 0*
Half-caster: 17/ 16/ 14/ 12*
Full-caster: 16/ 12/ 14/ 17

* or 16 STR, 17 DEX, if that gives better melee with a dagger.

It may be still need a bit of tweaking, but this is roughly right. (For rogue in particular, I really tend to ignore MAG stat.)
Originally Posted by Nick View Post
Thanks, very helpful. I actually have some plans to unnerf breaths a little, which I'll try to get in soon.

I also hope to actually play the comp...
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